Booking accelerator !

Booking request

Booking request by Bob is a natural and enhanced evolution of the booking agent / promoter relationship.

Not enough calls? Too many incoming e-mails, which have become impossible to manage?
Gain time and relevance in the negotiation.
Booking request stimulates and structures incoming contacts, and provides you with the right information to make the right decisions.

Fast, powerful and professional : 4 screens to manage the essentials

1-The booking agent defines the availabilities of his artists

Planning for a tour within more than a year ? Looking for early bird proposals ? Searching for extra gigs on the tour ?
The agent defines when the artist is available, and sets the conditions

2- He/she shares with his/her network

The agent shares the artist’s availabilities with a link that he pastes in an email, on his website or – as shown below – in a newsletter, to spread it to a specific recipient or to a wide target audience


3- Promoters send requests

Promoters access the proposal, choose one or several option(s) and give information about their venue or event

gestion des demandes

4- The agent manages the requests

He/she gets the request, the promoter’s contact info is automatically added or updated into his database. It only remains to seal the deal.